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Nantes Sotheby's International Realty, Our high standard new real estate programs

 “Our selection of high standard new programs”

Nantes Sotheby’s International Realty, to select the goods, benefits from an integrated commercial strength in real estate promotion and relies on:

- Promotion partners attentively selected
- An overview of the market for new real estate for principal residency or as fiscal goods (Historical Monuments, Malraux, real estate deficit, Pinel, LMNP)
- Exclusivity on some programs and launch in preview

We are specialized in new luxury real estate in Nantes; it gathers all the high standard markets of real estate promotion, moreover the programs implanted in the city centre. We offer an outstanding portfolio “at real prices” running the gamut from the lovely pied-à-terre to the huge volumes with balcony.

Our unique advantage is to benefit from a real network of promotional partners locally, regionally and nationally with strong reputation. Our famous brand and our outstanding clientele allow us to have access in exclusivity and before public release to some programs.

Nantes Sotheby’s International Realty does not ignore that often its buyers do not have time to lose. “We provide our clientele with a very complete service based on an estimation of the market for new goods made realistic thanks to the access to catalogues of new real estate referenced by location, completion date and typology.” Our office, professional and transparent, reassures our clients ready to invest in new real estate.

“We take care of everything”, Nantes Sotheby’s International Realty offers unique services thanks to the close relations we keep with the property developers. “In the case of the purchase of a flat on plans, you would like to modify a room? Close the kitchen? Create a dressing room? Gather two flats to reach a more spatious volume? etc. We help you conceive the setting as you have dreamed about.”

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